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Week 4 of 365 Somethings

As promised, I’m back with my post for Week 4 of 365 Somethings.

As you remember, last week, when these items were created, I was suffering from pink eye. So on Monday night, which was the 22nd, I quickly grabbed a tag, two rectangle stamps with two green ink pads and made the background. Then I took a die cut feather from the night before and stamped a “Merci” which was then punched out with a circle (not my first choice but the other punch shape didn’t fit.) On the 23rd, we had our “snow day” so I had time to rest my eyes and even managed to make two cards with minimal colouring. On the 24th, I was starting to feel better and decided to take a chance with some watercolour and stamping, as well as heat embossing. It didn’t quite turn out how I had hoped because of the texture of the watercolour paper but I’m still liking the result. And I almost had to scrap the whole thing because when I sprayed some water over my project to make the splotches, the so-called water resistant ink started bleeding. I had to heat dry everything before giving it a second go and I re-stamped the girl to make her more defined. On the 26th, I made a birthday card for a friend and finally, on the 28th I made three postcards. Because I made them with watercolour and regular ink pads, I’ve decided to rub Micro Glaze on them to make them waterproof. That way, they won’t get ruined if they get wet in the mail.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, don’t be shy. And if you’d like to receive one of these in the mail, send me your address!


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Week 1 of Project 365

We’re already into the second week of the year and with it, the second week of Project 365 Somethings 2018. So far, it’s going well for me. I’ve done more cards than anything else, probably because it’s easier for me. But I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone by doing something different once in a while.

Last week, I showed you the two cards I made on day 1. Day 2 brought 3 more cards, using a stamp set from Inkadinkado. On day 3, I decided to make a bookmark from a watercolour background I had done during the fall and used another Inkadinkado stamp (I LOVE that peacock and will probably use it more in the future.) On the 4th, I actually didn’t do anything because I was very busy all day with my parents so I decided to do two things on Day 5: a card inspired by this one, and simply colouring a La-La Land stamp with watercolours. I don’t know what I’ll do with her but at least she’s done. On day 6, I took another break but I think the extra cards from the first couple of days makes up for that. On Day 7, I altered a big tag with a Julie Nutting stamp (the paper flower was made by my mother a few years ago.) And yesterday, Day 8, a smaller card (4″x4″) using 3 stamps.

Now, I’m ending up with a lot of cards and I don’t want to keep them all. So, I’ve already started sending some by mail (one from day one and one from day two.) If you’re interested in receiving something by mail, please let me know. You can send me your mailing info by email: sophietousignant at videotron dot ca (obviously, substitute the @ and . and remove the spaces.) Also, if you have ideas or suggestions of things to make with rubber stamps, feel free to comment or email.

Until next time…


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First things first… I’m having computer problems these days so this will be my last blog post until said problems are resolved but you can always see my daily art on Facebook or Instagram.

Second, even though my blog title says tangrams, I’m starting with a mandala that I made yesterday.


Third, here are some tangrams my students made during our fine motor activity. I printed the shapes from this website on cardstock and cut only around the square they formed. I had the students work on their scissor skills by cutting the pieces on their own. I noticed that instead of cutting the middle line to separate some pieces, they all cut each shape out individually. When all the pieces were cut and the scissors put away, they got to play with their tangrams by reproducing patterns I had printed out. Some of the patterns are in different colors because they come from this website. Each student left with their own little cardstock tangram in a little bag. In order for them to redo the activity, I gave them each a piece of paper on which I had printed the two website addresses I used.

Finally, inspired by today’s activity and this pin on Pinterest, I made my very own tangram stamps from a 2″ square of carving material. Fun!


Hopefully, I’ll be back soon on the blog… Until then, thanks for visiting!

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My new toy – Mon nouveau jouet

 I know I said I wouldn’t buy any supplies this year but I made two exceptions this month: 3 pieces of fabric for projects I have in mind and a DIY stamp set to make my own “business” cards. Putting all the letters together took a while but now that it’s done, I can just stamp and stamp and stamp. The good thing, compared to ordering a personalized stamp, is that if I change email providers or web address, I can just change the letters instead of having a brand new stamp done for me.

Je sais que j’ai dit que je n’achèterais plus de fournitures cette année mais j’ai fait deux exceptions ce mois-ci: 3 morceaux de tissu pour des projets que j’ai en tête et une étampe pour composer mon propre texte. Ça m’a pris du temps à mettre les lettres à leur place mais maintenant que c’est fait, je peux simplement étamper, étamper et étamper. L’avantage, comparé à une étamp personnalisé commandée, est que si je change de fournisseur de courriel ou d’adresse web, je peux simplement changer les lettres au lieu de faire faire une autre étampe pour moi.


Mandala stamp – Étampe mandala

Last week, I forgot to mention that one of the index cards was done by testing a new stamp. This mandala stamp. I carved it on June 24th and realized I needed finer carving knives. But for now, I will work with what I have. Above, you can see how the stamp looks with red printing ink and black dye ink. My collection of handmade stamps is becoming really interesting. I wonder what kind of design I’ll come up with next time…

La semaine dernière, j’ai oublié de mentionner qu’une des cartes index avait été faite en testant une nouvelle étampe. Cette étampe mandala. Je l’ai gravé le 24 juin et me suis apperçu qu’il me faudrait des couteaux de gravure plus fins. Mais pour l’instant, j’utilise ce que j’ai. Ci-haut, vous pouvez voir l’effet que done l’étampe avec de l’encre d’impression rouge et de l’encre à base de teinture noir. Ma collection d’étampes faites à la main devient de plus en plus intéressante. Je me demande quelle sorte d’image je choisirai la prochaine fois…

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Thinking about the shop – Je pense à la boutique

Ever since I opened my online shop, I’ve been thinking about my future products and marketing. A couple of years ago, I had ordered free business cards. But when I received them, I realized I had made a mistake on them. I made corrections on a few of them but the 225 others (or so) are still in their box, unused. So one thing I want to do is to at least use them as a base for new business cards. I want to make something simple on my computer that I can then just cut to size and glue on the base. But I also want a personalized stamp to add tags to my creations. So I tried making a big one to start ( about 3″ x 3″) with the letters M, K and A (for MissKoolAid.) It’s not perfect but it’s a good start. Next time, I will try a smaller one. I’m also thinking of making postcards to use as “thank you” cards. I like it when I buy something from another artist or artisan and they add a little something to the package like a postcard or if they decorate the envelop. It makes the transaction more personal to me. What do you think?

Depuis que j’ai ouvert ma boutique virtuelle, je pense à mes produits futurs et au marketing. Il y a quelques années, j’ai commandé des cartes d’affaires gratuites. Mais quand je les ai reçues, je me suis apperçue que j’avais fait une erreure dessus. J’en ai corrigé quelques-unes mais les autres 225 (environ) sont encore dans leur boite, intactes. Alors une chose que je veux faire est de m’en servir comme base pour de nouvelles cartes d’affaires. Je veux faire quelque chose de simple à l’ordinateur que je peux simplement couper et coller sur les bases. Mais je veux aussi une étampe personnalisée pour ajouter des étiquettes à mes créations. Alors j’ai essayer d’en faire une grosse pour commencer (environ 7.5cm x 7.5cm) avec les lettres M, K et A (pour MissKoolAid.) Elle n’est pas parfaite mais c’est une bon début. La prochaine fois, j’essaierai d’en faire une plus petite. Je pensais aussi faire des cartes postales pour m’en servir comme cartes de “remerciement.” J’aime bien quand j’achète d’autres artistes ou artisans et qu’ils ajoutent un petit quelque chose au colis comme une carte postale où lorsqu’ils décorent l’enveloppe. Ça rend la transaction plus personnelle pour moir. Qu’en pensez-vous?


>My rubber stamps catalog – Mon catalogue d’étampes


I’m starting to get a pretty good collection of rubber stamps. And sometimes, I forget some of the stamps I actually have. So to make it easier to see what I have without going through boxes and boxes, I started making a catalog of all the stamps I have. For this, I used a book I had bought at a warehouse sale. The pages measure 5 3/4″ x 8 1/4″ and I’m only stamping on one side because the paper is a bit thin. I haven’t finished sorting through all of my stamps yet. I have most of my clear polymer stamps and a bunch of smaller wood mounted stamps to put in the final third of the book. It’s a big job but once it’s done, it will be so much easier the find the right stamp for the right project!
Je commence à avoir une assez bonne collection d’étampes. Et parfois, j’oublie quelles étampes j’ai à ma disposition. Alors pour que ce soit plus facile de voir ce que j’ai sans avoir à passer boite après boite, j’ai commencé à faire un catalogue de toutes les étampes que j’ai. Pour ce faire, j’ai utilisé un livre que j’avais acheté à une vente d’entrepôt. Les pages mesures 14,5cm x 21cm et je n’étampe que sur un côté parce que le papier est plutôt mince. Je n’ai pas fini de passer au travers de mes étampes. J’ai presque toutes mes étampes en polymère transparent et pleins de petites étampes montées sur bois à étamper dans le dernier tiers du livre. C’est tout un travail mais quand ce sera terminé, ce sera beaucoup plus facile de trouver la bonne étampe pour le bon projet!