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Lost and found

Dear readers,

It seems that I got lost outside the blogosphere once again. It seems to happen fairly regularly. Though I always seem to find my way back, this time I almost didn’t return at all. I almost deleted my blog. But, as you can see, I didn’t. I just couldn’t let it go. So here I am.

“Creativity takes courage”

Henri Matisse

Since I last wrote, I’ve been keeping busy. Creating on a regular basis until the holidays though not necessarily daily. But since January 1st, I’ve somehow been creating a collage every single day. I hadn’t planned to start another daily project and honestly, I don’t know how long it’ll last but I’m enjoying the process so far.

I’ve also done other things like painting flowers in February and learning to crochet in March. I joined a volunteer group where we sew reusable bags from second hand fabrics. And of course, I’m doing all sorts of activities with my students: crafts, experiments, games… Busy, busy, busy!

I’ll try to come back regularly to show you what I’ve done and to share some inspiration from other artists. Thank you for stopping by!

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Weekend update

The past couple of days, I’ve been debating whether to keep blogging or not because I don’t get a lot of visits and certainly not a lot of comments. But then, I asked myself, why exactly do I keep a blog? While it is nice to receive likes, comments and various feedback, that isn’t the main reason for my blogging. I blog to share my passions, my creations and a little bit about my life. Arts and crafts are my main passion in life but I do have others. Music, movies, my cats, and, actually, my job are all things I’m passionate about. For those who don’t know, I work as an educator in an elementary school. I’m not a teacher, I work before school, at lunch and after school with a group of pre-k and kindergarten students. This year, I have the added task to teach them fine motor skills twice a week. I’ve been doing a lot of research and preparing lots of material for those activities so I’ve decided that I will also share that work here amidst my own personal art. And maybe a few cat photos once in a while.

Today, though, I’m only sharing two things. A zentangle I drew yesterday and a soft toy owl I made today. The zentangle is in the shape of a leaf as I’m still being inspired by this season. The owl is actually stuffed with rice so that it can be heated in the microwave and become a hand warmer. It is stitched by hand because that is my favourite way to work with felt. I love making these little softies so I want to make more in all shapes and colours.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and I wish you a lovely week!

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Dog toy

Since I already had my polyfill out, today I decided to try a no-sew toy for one of my mom’s dog. I used a piece of fleece found at a second-hand store and a “squeaky” plastic thing I found in my stash (from all the sewing stuff my godmother gave me years ago.)

I had to do a bit of sewing because my knots didn’t cover the inner curve at the top but other than that, it’s all knots. The dog loved it so much he already started breaking it! Oh no! That’s okay, I learned my lesson and will try another design for him.


I also continued doodling on the painted branch:


I guess I was in a zigzag mood today!

Thanks for visiting.

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Return of the Kool Kreatures

It’s bee ages since I’ve sewn by hand and I miss it. I had a few felt creatures I had started a few years ago but for some reason, they were all in various stages of creation as seen in this “before” picture:


So I grabbed all four of them, some embroidery floss, my bag of polyfill and I got busy! I love to sew by hand while watching TV shows or a movie. Here are the new Kool Kreatures:


The cat and owls were my own designs while the bird was traced from a pattern (unknown source). I will be doing more of these in the hopes of, one day, selling them on Etsy or at a craft fair.

Thanks for visiting!


>Mason jar pincushion – Pot Mason pique-épingle


 I have seen pincushions made from canning jars on the web before and have been wanting to make my own ever since. It wasn’t too difficult but I had to wait for the glue to dry between each step. I just eyeballed the whole thing. And since this is my prototype, it’s not perfect (I don’t even like the colours I used) but it does the trick. I will probably do another one and decorated it in a way I like better. I’ll let you know if I do.
J’ai vu des porte-épingles fait à partir de pot à conserve sur le web auparavant et depuis, je voulais m’en faire un. Ce n’était pas très difficile mais j’ai dû attendre que la colle sèche entre les étapes. J’y suis allée au pif pour le faire. Et comme c’est mon prototype, il n’est pas très beau (je n’aime même pas les couleurs que j’ai utilisées) mais il est efficace. J’en ferai probablement un autre que je décorerai plus à mon goût. Je vous laisserai savoir si c’est le cas.
In the meantime, this one does the job and will definitely be used during my sewing and embroidery projects.
En attendant, celui-ci fait l’affaire et sera définitivement utilisé pendant mes projets de couture et de broderie.

>The March creature completed – La créature de Mars terminée


5 months ago, I started a new stuffed creature with old knee-high socks.
 Il y a 5 mois, j’ai commencé une créature rembourrée avec de vieux bas aux genoux.
 Last weekend, I finally finished it, using an old blanket for its body and felt and buttons for its eyes.
La fin de semaine dernière, je l’ai enfin terminée, une vieille couverture lui servant de corps et de la feutrine et des boutons pour les yeux.
 Meet my new octopus! I haven’t found the perfect name for it yet so if you have an idea, do let me know.
Je vous présente ma nouvelle pieuvre! Je ne lui ai pas encore trouvé un nom parfait alors si vous avez des idées, laissez-le moi savoir.
It’s quite big. And it’s great for hugging. I’m definitely keeping this one for my personal collection.
Elle est pas mal grosse. Et est parfaite pour des calins. Je la garde définitivement pour collection personnelle.
And here’s Diesel, inspecting my work.
Et voici Diesel qui inspecte mon travail.

>WIP sock snake – PEC serpent chausette


Ok, so I haven’t had time to finish my recyclart project for this week but at least you get to see a picture of it’s progress. I decided to use leftover parts from the socks I cut up for another project (the still unfinished octopus) and sew them together to make a snake. 
Yesterday being a holiday here in Canada, I decided to spend the day with my family. We worked in my parents’ yard, enjoyed the pool (about one month earlier than usual for me) and had a nice meal. I came back a little later than anticipated so that’s why my project isn’t finished. Hopefully, you’ll forgive me and will come back for tomorrow’s paper project. 😉
Bon, je n’ai pas eu le temps de terminer mon projet recyclart pour cette semaine mais au moins, vous pouvez voir une photo de son progrès. J’ai décidé d’utiliser des morceaux restants des bas que j’avais coupés pour un autre projet (la pieuvre non terminée) et de les coudre ensemble pour faire un serpent.
Hier étant jour férié ici au Canada, j’ai décidé de passer la journée avec ma famille. Nous avons travaillé sur le terrain de mes parents, profité de la piscine (environ un mois plus tôt que d’habitude pour moi) et mangé un bon repas. Je suis revenue plus tard que prévu alors c’est pour ça que mon projet n’est pas terminé. J’espère que vous me pardonnerez et que vous reviendrez demain pour mon projet en papier. 😉