A little sketching

Today, I was busy putting together some IKEA furniture for my studio so I decided to do some quick sketching for today’s art. I found a blank page in one of my art journals and sketched one of my cats, Diesel, sleeping on her scratch-post house. It’s far from being realistic and the proportions are off but for a 20 minutes exercise, it’s not bad. Thanks for visiting! I’ll be back on Monday so have a nice weekend! Advertisements Continue reading A little sketching

>Sketchbook Project – Dreamer

> My sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project is due in less than a month and I have a lot of blank pages left. So I thought I should get down to “business.” The background for this page was different. Bright. And I just didn’t know what to do with it so I added a wash of gesso, a bit of white acrylic and then blue watercolour. I like that you can still see some of the other colours behind the blue. Mon sketchbook pour le Sketchbook Project est dû dans moins d’un mois et il me reste beaucoup de pages … Continue reading >Sketchbook Project – Dreamer

>New notebooks – Nouveaux cahiers

> While sorting through some papers last week, I found a magazine page I had kept about the “linkable” books from Start Here. And since I’m not inclined to buy more notebooks when I can make some myself, I decided to try making something similar. Of course, mine don’t have as many pages but I like how they turned out. They are small enough to be carried around (4″ x 6″) and I can link a bunch of them together in all different colours (and different papers for the pages.) I think these might just be my new obsession. Alors … Continue reading >New notebooks – Nouveaux cahiers

>More recycled sketchbooks – Plus de cahiers à croquis recyclés

> I made another batch of sketchbooks out of old game boards. I use black electrical tape on all edges for a cleaner finish. These measure about 5 1/2″ x 8 3/4″. Could not post earlier because my internet connection was down. Lots of snow in the last 48 hours. J’ai fait une autre série de cahiers à croquis à partir de vieilles planches de jeux. J’ai pris du ruban adhésif électrique noir pour que les angles soient plus propres. Ces cahiers mesures environ 14cm x 22cm. Je ne pouvais pas publier l’article plus tôt parce que ma connection internet … Continue reading >More recycled sketchbooks – Plus de cahiers à croquis recyclés

>Sketchbook Project Things I love about my job

> “Choses que j’aime de mon travail: *un bon horaire; jamais de soirs et fins de semaines *2 semaines de congé à Noël + 2 mois de congé en été + semaine de relâche *enseigner aux enfants de nouveaux trucs d’artisanats comme le tricotin *apprendre de nouvelles choses sur et par les enfants *apprendre à connaître mes propres limites *faire de nouveaux amis (nouvelles collègues de travail, nouveaux parents à l’école…) Choses que je n’aime pas de mon travail: *tomber malade! *punir les enfants” Battling a nasty cold. Again. So I made this layout about things I love (and things … Continue reading >Sketchbook Project Things I love about my job

>Sketchbook Project: I am – Je suis

> After much thought, I finally completed the first page in my journal for the Sketchbook Project. Nothing complicated. The background had already been done so I simply glued down a photo of myself and wrote with my oil-based Sharpie Poster marker. Simple yet effective. Have a nice weekend and if you’re celebrating Halloween, have fun! Après beaucoup de réflexions, j’ai finalement terminée la première page dans mon journal pour le Sketchbook Project. Rien de bien compliqué. Le fond était déjà fait alors j’ai simplement collé une photo de moi-même et j’ai écrit avec mon feutre Poster de Sharpie à … Continue reading >Sketchbook Project: I am – Je suis

>Recycled sketchbooks – Cahiers à croquis recyclés

> Working in an elementary school, we find a lot of things that we can reuse instead of sending it to the trash. Like boards from old board games. My mother found this one with football helmets on it and I knew I wanted to use it as covers for a sketchbook. Unfortunately, the board itself was harder to cut than others so the cut edges are a bit ragged. But, with a bit of electrical or duct tape, I’m sure I can make it look much nicer (I just have to find black tape…) À travailler dans une école … Continue reading >Recycled sketchbooks – Cahiers à croquis recyclés