>Something different and yet another tag

>Here are two cards I made last week in a workshop at Bonnidée. The stamps are reproductions of Thomas Kinkade artworks and the workshop was on colouring techniques to use with those kinds of stamps. It was an interesting workshop but more my mom’s style than mine. The cards came out beautifully but I doubt I’ll do more like this.

So I’ve been tagged yet again. This time by a new blogging friend (from OWOH), Pam Bennett. So here goes… Let’s see if I can still find 7 things about myself I haven’t revealed yet.

The rules:1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I used to have a piercing in one of my eyebrows. It hurt more than any tattoo I had done. I eventually had to remove it for a job.

2. The job for which I had to remove said piercing was in a private school.

3. 6 and a half years ago (August 2001) I went on the trip of my dreams: backpacking through England, Ireland and Scotland for a month.

4. I used to be allergic to buckwheat but now I’m not.

5. I used to be able to eat fresh mangoes but now I’m allergic to the skin (so I need to get pre-pealed mangoes or dried or frozen ones… fun.)

6. I still have all the CDs I have ever bought or received as gifts (my first CD being Ugly Kid Joe… don’t ask.)

7. If I had to choose only one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be pasta. I love pasta. I really do. And the best pasta I ever had was in Rome, Italy. Seriously!

So that’s that. I’m not tagging anyone cuz I think everyone I know has been tagged way too many times. If you want to play along, do so and let me know if you are so inclined.

Before I go, here is a little something I received in the mail from the talented Angela. Aren’t they pretty?


>Art Cards and a tag

>Yesterday was definitely a fun experience. I met my brother for brunch before we set off on our little photographic adventure. We spent a total of 3 hours walking the Biodome and taking pictures. I haven’t uploaded them to my computer yet so you’ll have to be patient if you want to see them. There were a lot of people there, mostly families with young kids but everyone was polite. There was no pushing or shoving. Everyone was there to have fun and enjoy the view of wild animals. My favourites are always the small monkeys. I dream of one day having my very own little monkey! (Hey! Who said dreams can’t come true? Not me!)

Anyway, not much else to say. I have a bit of a cold but nothing major. Just a bit stuffed up so I’m drinking plenty of fluids, eating fruits and veggies and getting some rest. Today, so far, I’ve only been outside to go grocery shopping (it’s cold!) and I baked muffins. I tried a recipe my coworker gave me and it smells yummy. I still have plenty of Vegetarian Spread left for the beginning of the week and I plan on doing something with barley… Found a simple recipe I’ll try after I finish writing this post. I’m really enjoying cooking and baking for myself even if I don’t have the best kitchen. This is the 3rd Sunday in a row that I do it and I’m not giving up! So many recipes I want to try… so much potential for yummy discoveries…

Today’s images are of my Daily Art Card I made last night which is mostly doodling and my 3rd card for the Deck of Me Challenge. Visit my Flickr for more info.

Before I forget, Violette tagged me. I’m supposed to say 5 odd things about myself so quickly here they are:

1. I once spent a whole summer eating almost only dairy products.
2. I love the smell of skunk (not on me though.)
3. I used to be a goth girl.
4. I don’t like ketchup, which leads me to
5. I eat my shepherds pie with mustard. Lots of mustard.

I’m not tagging anyone but if you feel like playing, please do so! Off to cook barley…

Edited at 5:45 pm to add: The barley recipe is delish! It’s Barley Pilaf and it’s a great alternative to rice… I just goggled “barley pilaf” and there seems to be tons of different recipes for it. Follow my lead and try something new! Oh, and you can view my Biodome pics here. Have a peaceful evening!


>Weird Things and Art Cards

>So my dear friend CeeCee tagged me and I have to tell you 7 weird things about me. Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post 7 random/weird facts about yourself on your blog
3. Tag 7 people at the end and link to their blog
4. Leave comments on each blog that you tag so that they know!

And here are the 7 weird things (even though I did this back in November!)

1. I hate taking showers. And my bathtub is too small (and the water too rusty) to enjoy a nice soak.

2. I hate falling asleep AND waking up. But I love being asleep and dreaming.

3. I love the smell of fog.

4. At one time in my life, I had about 30 pen pals all at the same time.

5. I used to be addicted to online chat (and I mean literally addicted.)

6. I talk to animals. Even in public. Yeah, I’m THAT girl!

7. I dream of growing old to be that crazy artsy lady who lives in the big house with all the weird lawn ornaments and the neighbourhood kids play pranks on, pretending that they are scared of me but really, they just want to play with me and my cool weird toys!

Ok. Well, it’s the best I can do at this hour! And now I am tagging the following people (if they so wish to participate):
1. Kate
2. Mahala
3. Lisa (only because you tagged me the first time around :-p)
4. Pam
5. JoyceAnn
6. Brandy
7. Hanna

Here are the two latest Daily Art Cards. The first one is a little tag with the “Cheer Up” mounted on and which fits in the Lipton Peppermint Tea pocket which is in turn mounted on a piece of painted cardstock. The second one is a piece of patterned cardstock with scraps from a coordinating patterned cardstock, a leftover from the altered canvas and some raffia. I’m still doing the ATC format but I think that next month, I might try another format. Maybe 4″ x 4″. Or bigger. I don’t know yet.

Today, I started a page in my art journal but haven’t finished yet. Only did the background. I also started a new journal for Emily Falconbridge‘s new challenge. Different size. I like it. Will post pictures some other day. I also have the second shrine to post here. I really like how it turned out. Tomorrow night is art/craft night with CeeCee and my Mom. It promises to be fun!

Goodnight and have a great Friday!