Another month bites the dust

I feel that I haven’t been very creative so far this year. At least, not compared to past years. I could make excuses and find tons of reasons for being less creative, but I won’t. The year is not over yet and there is plenty of time still for creativity. Sure, I have done a few things, taken some photos but nothing special (though some people might argue.) I feel like I am stuck. Although I do love everything (or almost) I’ve created, I can seem to get excited about anything creative. Have you ever felt this way? What did … Continue reading Another month bites the dust

I’m back – Je suis de retour

Hello my dear friends! Yes, I am back from my little blog break. The last couple of weeks have been busy and oddly enough, I did not create many things. Actually, that’s a lie. I did my Index cards and I worked on some things for my students but nothing else. The cards will be posted on Monday but I don’t have photos of the other things. Now that work is over for 2 months, though, I will hopefully have time to do more art. I haven’t played in my art journals in months and I really miss it! My … Continue reading I’m back – Je suis de retour

Thinking about the shop – Je pense à la boutique

Ever since I opened my online shop, I’ve been thinking about my future products and marketing. A couple of years ago, I had ordered free business cards. But when I received them, I realized I had made a mistake on them. I made corrections on a few of them but the 225 others (or so) are still in their box, unused. So one thing I want to do is to at least use them as a base for new business cards. I want to make something simple on my computer that I can then just cut to size and glue … Continue reading Thinking about the shop – Je pense à la boutique


>For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been struggling. Struggling with my art (my muse is playing hide and seek most days.) Struggling with my weight. Struggling with my thoughts and beliefs. Struggling with my choices. Today, I give myself permission to accept that I am not perfect. And my imperfections make me who I am. I am imperfectly human. I chose this photograph today because it is NOT perfect. My settings on my camera weren’t right and I just couldn’t work them out that day. But I love this photo anyway, for all its imperfections. Diesel looks like she … Continue reading >Imperfections


>Is it possible for an artist, a mixed media artist at that, to live a simple life? You know, less possessions, more space. Less clutter, more zen. I wonder… Busy weekend ahead. My parents, my brother and I are going to see my grandparents on Sunday. Today’s image is one of my Daily Art Cards from this week. Oil pastels and 4B pencil on untextured cardstock. PS Come back after the weekend for a giveaway. No specific reason why other than trying to get rid of clutter. (This giveaway will be art by me… ) Continue reading >Simplicity

>Art soothes my soul

>I. am. an. artist. I make art. Art is me. No matter how big or small. I have to have art. I have to make art. It is a part of me. of my life. It _is_ my life. The rest is extra. Or is it? I finished reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. And while reading it, I’ve realized how aware I really am of living NOW. Sure I get lost in my thoughts, in my dreams like most people. But I also often get these moments where my thoughts are completely still and I can just … Continue reading >Art soothes my soul

>Listening to the muse

>I’ve been trying different things with my art. Playing differently with my supplies. Experimenting. And I’m not done yet. Not even close. But I’m enjoying it. Every second of it. I had a craft play day with CeeCee and Mom last Friday. For once we were able to do it during the day instead of in the evening. I made some more paper spool collages. Most of the times, when we’re all three together, that’s all I seem to do. It’s odd. Sometimes, I seem to have no inspiration at all even though I’m creating every single day. I guess … Continue reading >Listening to the muse