>Failed coffee cup sleeve – Gaine de tasse à café ratée

> Some ideas, some projects, just don’t work out the way you think they should. In my search for a project to do with the kids at work for Father’s Day, I thought a coffee cup (or beer bottle) sleeve would be a great idea. Since most of the kids don’t know how to sew, I thought I’d try making the sleeve out of craft foam. Assembling it wasn’t much of a problem though I had to use Tacky Glue to make sure the parts stayed glued and I even added a brad in the middle of the flower for … Continue reading >Failed coffee cup sleeve – Gaine de tasse à café ratée

>Possibilities – Possibilités

> This week I decided to play in my smaller journal. I usually play in a coil-bound 9,5″ x 12″ journal that has white pages. This one measures 7″ x 8,5″, is bound with hand stitching and has colourful pages (looks handmade and is textured.) I’ve never really liked the feel of this journal but I decided to fill it up anyway. A good way to do that is to add paint (a colour different from that of the paper) and then write a quote, saying or simply a thought in bold letters. A few doodles in the empty spaces, … Continue reading >Possibilities – Possibilités

>Java Time Postcard – Carte Postale L’Heure du Java

>   4,5″ x 6,5″ mixed media postcard Coffee theme Available for a personnal trade Contact me if you’re interested in trading this postcard for one of yours. *** Carte postale multimédia 11,5cm x 16,5cm Thématique du café Disponible pour un échange privé Contactez moi si vous êtes intéressées à échanger cette carte postale contre l’une des vôtres. Continue reading >Java Time Postcard – Carte Postale L’Heure du Java

>Painted paper beads – Perles de papier peinturé

> One thing I like to do when my creativity runs low is to make painted papers. What I do is grab a few pages of newspaper and cover them with paint. When the first layer is dry, I use a plastic card to scrape more paint on, or use foam stamps with acrylic paint. Then, I use my PosterPaint markers and leafing pens to doodle over the surface. And when everything is completely dry, I use my new painted papers to collage in journals or I cut them in long triangles to roll them into beads. Now I just … Continue reading >Painted paper beads – Perles de papier peinturé

>Go Habs Go

> I’m not a big sports fan. But I know a few of them so I sort of keep up with the hockey playoffs. My coworker is a big fan so I decided to make her a little gift. I bought a hand towel and a baby’s bib from Dollarama ($3,50 plus tax), picked a couple of buttons from my jar and off I went making this stuffed creature. It took less than 2 hours for the whole thing and I now have a one-of-a-kind stuffed creature to give to a good friend! *** Je ne suis pas une fanatique … Continue reading >Go Habs Go

>Enjoy the small pleasures – Profiter des petits plaisirs

> “I want to enjoy the small pleasures that life has to offer me every day, at every turn. I want to capture those moments always, forever.” The background started with a layer of finger paint. I bought a few containers of those last summer but didn’t really like the texture, and the containers are not resealable so I’ve decided to open one, once in a while, and use it up for background pages in my journal and to make painted papers for collage. I used my Coluzzle to cut circle shapes out of magazine pages which I then glued … Continue reading >Enjoy the small pleasures – Profiter des petits plaisirs