CD case frame – Cadre étui à CD

Believe it or not, dear readers, but today’s project was NOT done following a tutorial. It’s not a new concept but I thought it was a good idea: an empty CD case used as an art frame. The trick is to remove the top part, turn it on itself and reattach it. I made this cute mixed media piece to show you how it looks as a frame. This is a good way to display small pieces of art (about 4,5″) without making holes in your walls or spending lots of money on designer frames. The best part is that … Continue reading CD case frame – Cadre étui à CD

Handmade mouse pad – Tapis de souris fait à la main

Ever since I got my laptop, last year, I’ve been using my optic mouse without a mouse pad. At first, it didn’t really bother me but after a while, I found that I needed something to make the mouse work better. Instead of going out to the store and buying a boring mouse pad, I decided to make my own. A very simple tutorial was waiting in my bookmarks and I already had all the supplies. In fact, I have a cardboard box full of fabric samplers that were given to me earlier this year. And my craft foam is … Continue reading Handmade mouse pad – Tapis de souris fait à la main

Dry erase board – Tableau à messages effaçable

Today’s project was inspired by two things: this dry erase board tutorial and this colourful framed piece. I combined both to create my very own colourful dry erase board. Because I’m still trying to use what I have on hand instead of getting new supplies, I cut down pieces of cardstock (instead of using paint chips.) I like the frame with its original colour so I left it as is. This project wasn’t hard to do but it did take a bit of time because I was cutting random pieces of cardstock at first and then I had to measure … Continue reading Dry erase board – Tableau à messages effaçable

Thimble flower pot – Pot de fleurs dé à coudre

A tutorial I bookmarked last year: the thimble necklace! I only had a plastic thimble for this and I used E-6000 glue. Not a good idea! At first, everything was fine but two days after making the necklace, I wore it to go shopping and the plastic started to melt inwards at the bottom. The glue and the plastic were probably reacting to the sun and heat. So now, I will try it differently. I have another plastic thimble so I will try it with hot glue instead. And for the metal and porcelain thimbles that my mother gave me, … Continue reading Thimble flower pot – Pot de fleurs dé à coudre

Playing card notepads – Carnet cartes à jouer

For some reason, I have a lot of playing cards in my home. And I don’t even play card games, unless it’s on the computer! So what to do with these treasures? Use them in a craft of course! Here, I made small notepads that easily fit in a purse and even in a pocket. It’s another project from my bookmarked sites that I absolutely wanted to try. And now that I have, I want to make a ton of them! They are easy to make and make great little gifts. As a matter of fact, I already gave those … Continue reading Playing card notepads – Carnet cartes à jouer

Safety pin earrings – Boucles d’oreilles épingle à ressort

Here is a project done from a tutorial in my bookmarks: safety pin earrings. It’s really not that hard to do if you have the right tools. And you have a unique pair of earrings when you’re done! I used berry beads that CeeCee had given me. They are light so having three of them on one earring is fine. I wore the earrings for a full day and they didn’t bother me at all. And I was proud to tell people I had made them! Voici un projet fait à partir d’un tutoriel dans mes favoris: des boucles d’oreilles … Continue reading Safety pin earrings – Boucles d’oreilles épingle à ressort

Zipper bracelet – Bracelet fermeture éclair

One of my projects this summer is to do things inspired from my art books and the tutorials I have in my bookmarks. In fact, I have crossed a few off my list this week. One of them being this zipper bracelet. For my first try, I used a plastic zipper which was removed from old Adidas pants. Next time, I’ll definitely look for a metal zipper and will also add charms. For now, I’m satisfied with this simple yet fun bracelet… Un de mes projets d’été est de faire des choses inspirées de mes livres d’art et des tutoriels … Continue reading Zipper bracelet – Bracelet fermeture éclair