Inside my summer journal 6 – Dans mon journal estival 6

Only two weeks left for my Summer Adventure Journal. I will finish it on the last day of August. Technically my summer will end next week when I go back to work but I have enough pages to go until the end of the month. And I don’t think my “summer adventures” will end just because I start working again. In fact, now that I have a cool vintage bike (as of last night), I’m hoping for new adventures. And I’ll share them with you of course! Il ne reste que deux semaines pour mon Journal Estival d’Aventure. Je le … Continue reading Inside my summer journal 6 – Dans mon journal estival 6

Flea market finds – Trouvailles du marché aux puces

This past Sunday, my mother and I drove about 2 hours to visit my grandparents. They are 89 and 90 years old, still in their own house and live their quiet little life. Whenever we visit them on a Sunday, we also make a (not so quick) stop at the flea market where we always find something interesting to bring back. This time around, we found a hinged yard stick, an “S” shaped brooch and some alphabet stamps. Some of the letters are missing from the set but I don’t mind. For the photo, I placed the items on an … Continue reading Flea market finds – Trouvailles du marché aux puces

>Vintage craft books – Livres d’artisanat vintages

> I love looking at old craft books. I have a few in my collection. I got the ones shown in this photo from my grandmother this past weekend. And I just had to show you these projects from the McCall’s Needlework & Crafts from 1970. My favourite is the patchwork skirt with the knit white bikini as a close second!J’aime regardé les vieux livres d’artisanat. J’en ai quelques-uns dans ma collection. J’ai reçu ceux photographiés ici de ma grand-mère pendant la fin de semaine. Et je me devais de vous montrer ces projets provenant du McCall’s Needlework & Crafts … Continue reading >Vintage craft books – Livres d’artisanat vintages

New acquisition – Nouvelle acquisition

Last Friday, I spent another day shopping and hanging out with CeeCee and my mother. And in the back of a fun little store, I fell in love. With this set of vintage suitcases! They are in very good condition except for a few snags on the inside but since they will mostly be used for storing, I don’t mind. The round one though, I will probably use if I go away for a few days. When I saw the price tag, at first, I didn’t want to pay that much. But then, the store owner made me an offer … Continue reading New acquisition – Nouvelle acquisition

>Creative organization – Organisation créative

> I’m still trying to organize all my different supplies to make it easier to find what I need when I’m working on a project. The paper/stamp/paint supplies are more or less organized but I need to do something about all the fabric I have. A lot of it comes from old/damaged clothes but I will be getting some more fabric soon for different projects. Why am I talking about this and showing a Care Bears shoe storage? Well, it’s simple. I’m going to use this storage for small items for my fabric projects: decorative patches, small trims and laces, … Continue reading >Creative organization – Organisation créative

>Vintage goodies – Trouvailles anciennes

> I told you about my love of tea cups before. Last week, I added this beautiful cup from “Occupied Japan” to my collection. My aunt gave it to me as well as the matryoshka set you can see next to it. This set was made in the USSR. These beauties are on a real bread box, which I found in really good condition for only $5,99. I am absolutely thrilled about this find. Je vous ai déjà parlé de mon amour pour les tasses de thé. La semaine dernière, j’ai ajouté cette superbe tasse  du temps du “Japon occupé” … Continue reading >Vintage goodies – Trouvailles anciennes

>Tea cups – Tasses de thé

> Last week, I bought two tea cups at two different places. I love collecting pretty tea cups. The blue one really caught my eye with its pattern and colour. It’s from Bavaria. The small one in the back is more simple but it’s smaller and made in Poland. In my collection I have many English tea cups, one from Germany and, my favourite, from Occupied Japan. Is there anything special that you collect? Again, don’t forget my giveaway. *** La semaine dernière, j’ai acheté deux tasses à thé dans deux endroits différents. J’aime collectionner les jolies tasses à thé. … Continue reading >Tea cups – Tasses de thé