Kreatures in the making – Fabrication de Kréatures

Boy oh boy, is life keeping me busy! Work, love, work, family, love, work, friends… did I mention work? and love? Whatever free time I have when I’m home, I usually spend relaxing in front of the computer. Not very productive. So I don’t have anything to show and that bothers me. To change this, last night, I took out some felt and my scissors and started cutting shapes to make a few Kool Kreatures. Because I sew them by hand, I can do this while watching a movie or series online (I don’t even turn the TV on anymore) … Continue reading Kreatures in the making – Fabrication de Kréatures

>Journal pages update – Mise à jour des pages de journal

> I’m still working on 10 journal pages for a private swap. There’s still a lot to be done with them but I like where they are going right now. Using up my “special” papers feels really good! Je travaille encore sur 10 pages de journal pour un échange privé. J’ai encore beaucoup de travail à faire dessus mais j’aime la direction qu’elles prennent pour l’instant. Ça me fait du bien de me servir de mes papiers “spéciaux!“ Continue reading >Journal pages update – Mise à jour des pages de journal

>Works in progress – Projets en cours

> I have two projects that need to be finished by this weekend. A bundle of journal pages, without any writing on them, for a personal swap and four postcards for a small organized swap. Above, you can see some of the journal backgrounds which are far from being done. Apparently I work well under pressure because whenever I enter a swap, I rarely get my artwork done early. I always make the deadline but it’s usually very tight. It doesn’t help that I still haven’t completed my living room’s reorganization. Friday night, I wrote on Facebook that my living … Continue reading >Works in progress – Projets en cours

>WIP Painting – PEC Peinture

> It had been so long since I’d done an actual painting that I was a bit intimidated by the blank canvas. So I started by collaging pieces of paper. I applied some Light Modeling Paste (gel medium) and let it dry for a few hours. Then, a coat of clear gesso, a coat of Glazing Medium with orange acrylic paint and, finally, I sprayed some pink shimmer mist that I let drip down the canvas. I don’t know where this is going from here but I did have fun playing this way. Il y avait un bout de temps … Continue reading >WIP Painting – PEC Peinture