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Fresh news – Nouvelles fraiches

Dear friends,

I’m sorry that I haven’t blogged in almost 3 months. Work is keeping me busy and when I get some free time, I don’t have the energy to do much. There is also the matter of packing up everything I own as I’ll be moving on June 1st. I’m really excited about the move since I’ll be closer to work, therefore will be able to walk/bike to work every day, even in winter. Not the case right now. Also, my new apartment is bigger and I will have a space dedicated to my studio. This is the fresh start I’ve been wanting to make some changes in my life. I will try to post more in the coming months. I actually missed it.

The above photo is of a spoon pendant I made before Christmas but never took the time to photograph. I used nail polish to paint it and glued some half-back pearls with E6000 glue. The hardest part was cutting the handle.

Chères amies,

Je m’excuse de n’avoir rien publié depuis presque 3 mois. Le travail me garde occupée et je n’ai plus l’énergie de faire grand chose le soir venu. Il y a aussi le fait que je déménage le 1er juin et doit donc tout mettre dans des boites. Je vais tenter de bloguer plus dans les prochains mois mais ce ne sera qu’en anglais. Si vous avez des questions, ne vous gênez pas de les poser dans les commentaires ou par courriel au sophietousignant[@]videotron[.]ca et j’y répondrai le plus vite possible.

La photo ci-haut montre un pendentif cuillère que j’ai fait avant Noël mais que je n’ai jamais pris le temps de photographier. J’ai pris du vernis à ongles pour le peindre et de la colle E6000 pour coller les demis perles. Le plus difficile fut de couper le manche.

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Zentangle coasters #6-11 – Sous-verres zentangle #6-11

Life has been very busy lately.

I started working more hours in a new school. The work itself is the same but there are always different ways to approach it. And this time around, I’m working with kindergarten kids. They require a lot of attention and energy.

I’m also in the beginning stages of a new relationship. That, too, requires a lot of attention and energy.

Because of this, my art and my blog have suffered a bit. I’m trying to adjust to my new schedule and to find time to do everything that I used to do before. It’s not easy but I’m sure, in time, I’ll figure something out. Thanks for sticking around!

La vie est très occupée ces temps-ci.

J’ai commencé à travailler plus d’heures dans une nouvelle école. Le travail lui-même est pareil mais il y a toujours différentes façon de l’approcher. Cette fois-ci, je travaille avec des élèves de maternelle. Ils demandent beaucoup d’attention et d’énergie.

Je suis aussi dans les tous débuts d’une nouvelle relation. Ça aussi, ça demande beaucoup d’attention et d’énergie.

Pour ces raisons, mon art et mon blogue ont souffert un peu. Je tente de m’ajuster à mon nouvel horaire et de trouver le temps de faire tout ce que je faisais avant. Ce n’est pas facile mais je suis certaine, qu’avec le temps, je trouverais une façon de fonctionner. Merci de rester dans les parages!

art, challenge, défi, news, nouvelles

ICAD update #9 – Mise à jour #9

Oh, I am loving these cards! Each and every one of them. Collage, paint, ink, stamping, tape, staples, doodles… All good stuff!

As much as I wanted to complete the 30 portraits in August challenge, I grew tired of drawing myself over and over. And I realized that I’m not a “portrait drawing” type of artist. It’s just not my thing. So I stopped.

Next week, I’m going back to work, after two months off. What is really exciting is that I’m going to work in a different school! I was lucky enough to get a position with more hours and it’s close enough that I can walk or bike to it. Now, I just need to find the perfect bike and I’ll be ready!

Oh, comme j’aime ces cartes! Chacune d’entre elles. Collage, peinture, encre, étampage, ruban adhésif, agraffe, gribouillage… Que de bonnes choses!

Je voulais vraiment réussir le défi 30 portraits en Août mais je me suis vite fatiguée de me dessiner sans arrêt. Et je me suis apperçue que je ne suis pas une artiste à portraits. Ce n’est simplement pas mon truc. Alors, j’ai arrêté.

La semaine prochaine, je retourne travailler, après deux mois d’arrêt. Ce qui est vraiment excitant c’est que je vais travailler dans une école différente! J’ai eu la chance d’avoir un poste avec plus d’heures et c’est assez proche pour que je me rende à pied ou en vélo. Maintenant, il ne me reste qu’à trouver le vélo parfait et je serai prête!


>Once in a lifetime

>Going back to work after more than a week of vacation isn’t as easy as it sounds! But I’m not complaining.

Outside my apartment building, the path that leads from the street to our door is full of snow. Thigh high. I kid you not. In the school yard, some kids could easily sit on the fence in some places (we didn’t let them of course!)

I’m not feeling chatty tonight. Maybe I’ll actually go to bed early for once…


>Art Cards

>Busy times. I’ve been asked to fill in for one of my coworkers yesterday and today morning. It’s only one hour each time I do it but it’s that much more money on my paycheck too! Plus, today we had an extended meeting (an hour and a half instead of the usual 30 minutes so even more money!) This morning, as I was on my walk, I kept thinking that this week is a great week for extra money (no particular reason other than I would like to have a bit more money these days.)

Yesterday was Catherine’s Open House for the new Stampin Up! line and catalog. Lots of people showed up. It was fun. I saw an ex-coworker I hadn’t seen since almost a year (we used to work together at the store) so that was nice.

A lot of busy days/weeks coming up. I might not be able to blog as regularly as I have lately but I will be creating daily! And I’ll definitely blog for the OWOH giveaway. I know what I’m giving away now I just have to complete it! And I’ll do that as soon as I put this post to bed. 😉

Images for today are art cards from the last few days. The first and second one are my Daily Art Cards and the third is my fourth entry for the Deck Of Me Challenge. The theme was “a symbol you love” and I chose the fleur-de-lys, a symbol of my heritage (being french canadian and all…)
And apparently I have a thing for hearts these days!

Thanks for looking and come back before the weekend for the giveaway!


>Back to work it is then…

>Today was the first day back to work. Starting with a ped day can be fun and hard too. Luckily, today I was working with Anik and we always get along great.

Yesterday’s cooking was a fun experience for me and I plan to do it more often. I used to by frozen dinners or pre-prepared meals. No more (well, I’m not saying never but not as often as I did before.) I plan to use my Sundays for cooking and baking. Now if only I could have someone to share my cooking with… 😉

Daily art cards 5 and 6 are what you see here. Very simple. Painted background. Patterned paper on the top one and Perfect Pearls dusted over the whole thing. Doodling and watercolour on the bottom one. Now I’m off to do tonight’s card which will be the 7th so my first goal will be accomplished. Now to see if I can make it til the end of the month with these cards…


>Recycle wrapping

>This year, I decided to use whatever I have on hand to wrap Christmas presents. On this photo is a gift, wrapped in red-dyed “handmade” paper bought at the dollar store more than a year ago. The ribbon and bow/flower are made out of strips of paper cut in a gift-idea junk mail pamphlet. I got the idea for the flower from Hanna a while back. This particular pamphlet produced two bow/flowers for two different gifts. I loved the results and so did the recipient (one was for a gift exchange at work and the other for CeeCee last Friday.)

The other presents I wrapped this week for my parents and my brother are all in recycled paper whether it be old wrapping paper or scrapbook paper. One gift is even in a box of cereal that I gessoed and then made red and green stripes with electrical tape! I love how it came out. I’ll try to post a picture of it tomorrow.

Now… tomorrow is the last day of work before the holidays. Huge sighs of relief will be heard throughout the school tomorrow. As a treat for the kids, my colleague, Anik, and I are providing a special snack in the afternoon. The kids get to decorate their own Christmas cookie and then eat it. (Found kits at Costco that are great!) Even though it’s not always easy working with them, they still deserve a little reward.

Last weekend, I got Diesel to sit still long enough with my Christmas hat on to take this picture. Isn’t she cute???